Endekwa Eutychus

Endekwa Eutychus is a Community mobilizer and a former performing arts individual. He is a professional WASH influencer and has a background in community development and social work. His main aim is to empower the young generation in critical thinking and to inspire change to the youths.


Sebbi Khalil is a professional fitness instructor who has a dream of empowering the young generation in developing themselves in fitness activities and making a living out of it. He is also a former dancer and performing arts individual with an aim of motivating kids do the same for a better future.

Winnie Kwamboka

Winnie Kwamboka is a civil servant and a professional community health worker with a background in community development and supporting the girl child equality in the community. Her main aim is to work with community groups to identify their needs, wants and capabilities through art and to help come out with possible solutions and engage...

Jimmy Ouma

Jimmy Ouma is a professional actor, script writer, producer and a community influencer. He has a background in community development and decision making. His main Focus is on Women And Youth empowerment through performing arts and community development. He is also a leader and encourages the community to guide the young kids and he is...


We are a group and dance school that trains young kids in various aspects.


As part of giving back to the community we have forums that we discuss business ideas.

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